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Jun 21 2008, 03:11 PM
Jun 21 2008, 03:02 PM
Jun 21 2008, 01:20 PM
^That's interesting, Jane. Never thought of that. Good points.

When Shelle were fired, I figured that was Corday's plan. Salvage his beloved Shelle and reunite his beloved Phloe and maybe get Brady back to go on with the triangle again. Then Nicole comes back and we start to see Nicole scheming to marry Philip. That recently got dropped and now she's all about EJ, which is much better, and Philip is falling for Morgan. Let's not forget Chloe was barely on for a long time from like early March to mid-April. There seemed to be no plan for her so I bet there was a conflict with Higley and Corday and Higley trashed Phloe to get Philip/Morgan together. Then she threw Chloe at Lucas to add something to the Lucas/Sami/EJ mess since Nicole wasn't enough to get it going.

Higley's last blog showed she isn't exactly happy so there is some conflict there and it should be expected with Corday. That is why the show goes through periods like it does where stories lack direction and you can literally feel the show not knowing or actually fearing what to do. The show was like that for most of May and the first two weeks of June. Last week was the first week in over a month where I sensed direction in story and more of a flow.

I still get this feeling Corday and Higley are heading for a falling out and that is usually when Corday parts ways with his writers and never goes back to them again. She isn't really doing what he wants to do it seems and there definitely seems like there is a conflict as things move forward and then go two steps back. That didn't happen during the strike but it is happening now and I have this feeling by summer's end she will be gone. Just a gut instinct.
I agree with you there is such a lack of direction on this show that it is confusing at best. The acting and directing almost seem hesitant too. Unsure as to how they should play the scene because there is no clear direction. I think that fact that Ali is off promoting and shooting TBL is feeding a lack of direction too.
Well, as I said, this past week has seemed to show direction. Things picked up quite a bit but there is still much work to be done.

As for Ali, unless TBL altered the way it shoots, I doubt her recent absence is the main reason why she is offscreen so much. Last year she was shooting TBL and she was on everyday on Days. I tend to think there has been so much backlash with the Lucas/Sami/EJ thin that they just aren't using Sami. We are seeing Lucas and EJ alot on their own and in scenes together but Sami we aren't seeing with them much at all so I'm thinking they are trying to see if Lucas and EJ work better with others and are then going to figure out what to do with Sami. I think the Lucas/Sami/EJ thing is a major reason for the lack of direction. I think they had an idea where they are going but backtracked due to fan response.

As I said, though, this is reminding me of last summer where the show just lacked direction and changed gears far too much until Ed Scott came and defined things. I had the sense Corday and Hogan were fighting over stories and such and I get the same sense now, as Jane alluded to. I think Dena is a goner because it's only a matter of time before Corday and her have a major falling out and that means it's over for her because that is the only way that Corday seemed to get rid of a writer nowadays.
Ali apparently didn't want to go thru what she went thru last summer trying to keep up with both schedules plus she has been out on this rite aid promotional tour promoting TBL... Dena committed how they were going to have to share Ali this summer! Last Summer she was super busy with both!
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