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Jun 22 2008, 12:48 AM
It hurts me too much to see the stars when they get that feeble anyway. I still think about poor Ruth Warrick being wheeled in - in that wheelchair for her last appearance on AMC. She was too weak to even speak. And then she died very shortly after that.

I think in those instances it would be better for the shows to do location scenes for them. Go to a beloved star like that rather than have them come to you.
Now that is a good idea. Of course, the issue remains that she does have a difficult time reading lines and such but they could just do like they did last 4th of July and last Christmas and just give her a line or two. It would be worth it just to see her but who knows what her living arrangement is and if it would be able to accommodate what is needed to shoot scenes and so on. They would probably have to follow what GL does (which I would not encourage :laugh: ). I don't think cost has anything to do with it in this case.

I just hope she is well. That is all that matters.
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