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Jun 22 2008, 04:31 AM
Seriously, bitch about anything with Days..But don't bitch that they aren't making the effort to use Francis Reid..The woman is 94 years old...Do any of you plan to be working at the time, let alone be alive??? And being an actor on a soap is not an easy job..Like Phoenix said, i think they would definitely use her more if they could, but she's not able to work and the process it self is probably very hard for her now....So they are just hoping to get her for the big holidays, so the Horton traditions can continue..
I agree, but I also think itīs time to work in her real age and real health status into the show more. I mean, many times they are still talking about Alice like she is perfectly healthy and taking care of her grand grand grand children. Thatīs stupid. Everybody knows how fragile Frances really is.

I also agree they should try to visit her in her home/wherever she is now. Letīs say the show admits Alice had to be put in the care center too and few important Hortonīs decides to visit her on christmas, while in reality the scene will tape at Franceīs. Itīs nothing impossible. And it will prepare people for the inevitable.
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