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Jun 22 2008, 04:40 AM
Jun 22 2008, 12:06 AM

I should also add that the show does want to use her more. It's just some cases, like this one, are more publicized then others. I remember hearing that they wanted her at Lumi's wedding but she was unable. They also wanted to use her in March when Bo was dying. It was even mentioned in SOD and onscreen but she was unable. She is just unable and, considering how hard she is on herself, I bet she would be very upset the more they give her that she is unable to do so it's best to just use her for family events and such so that you limit her upset and the amount of times she gets disappointed because she is unable to come in to work.

I don't think having her come in to shoot scenes when she is able will work either. I think she just isn't able to work much period. As I said, the show has tried to use her more but she has been unable. Plus, if you do try to shoot when she is able, who knows if the other actors can come in or what you have to shift around to make that happen.

I really wish we could see her but it's not her fault nor the show's. I just hope we see her again at Christmas.
I didn't know about all this?

I won't bitch anymore then :huh:
I'm shocked you didn't know about her scheduled appearance during Bo's illness. That was in SOD and I believe Maggie even mentioned onscreen she was going to get Alice or something and the next episode it was never mentioned.

Whatever the case, they do want to use her but it's just very hard for her and when she doesn't feel up to it, then it's a definite no. I still recall in early 2007 when rumors circulated that her doctors did not want her working AT ALL. I still wonder if maybe she isn't supposed to work but she wants to in some capacity so Days works with her and when she is able, she appears. I just hope she is well and that we see her for Christmas.

The idea of writing her health in is an uncomfortable one. I don't know if she would want it and I don't know if the show would want it. Some stars are very close to her so they may feel very uncomfortable playing it. It would be hard for me to watch it, especially right now with my grandmother being hospitalized and not doing so well. I think it would be very difficult and I even heard rumors that they were thinking of killing Mickey but since it's so hard for Frances they decided not to, thinking it may be uncomfortable to see her portraying scenes surrounding Mickey's death. That's just a rumor but I could see it.
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