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Jun 22 2008, 12:57 PM
Obviously, Frances's health comes first. I don't think anyone's disagreeing with that. But, if she's feeling well enough to come in and say a couple lines, and if her doctors are fine with her doing it, then what harm could it do?
That's fine, Mason, but we don't know that and there were rumors last year of her doctors not wanting her to work AT ALL. It's known she has trouble saying lines period and it's difficult for her to come and go so I can understand it and you can't ask them to rearrange shooting when she is up to it. That's very unpredictable and you don't know what sort of complications could develop. Plus, it's known Frances is hard on herself so if she felt well and then came in and did not feel well and had to leave, that would make her feel even worse.

It's a difficult situation and Days has tried to use her but she's been unable several times. I'm sure the show will continue to attempt to use her at certain times when they feel she should be there but it's likely that most times she will be unable. That has been the case the past two years. I just hope we see her at Christmas because it's so comforting to have her present, even if she says nothing.
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