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Jun 22 2008, 10:40 PM
I hate to beat a dead horse, Phoenix, but if it were a movie title or something like that, I could understand. But expecting a girl like Morgan not to know what EVERY GIRL on Earth must know, for her health? (Again, "must" know); is pushing it. That'd be like Nick giving a seminar on campus about safer sex and a guy saying, "Trojan?" with an obnoxiously funny face, "What's THAT?!" And then all the guys teasing him and giving him a history lesson on this popular prophylactic.
I see what your saying, JSF. However, I do think there are girls that don't know and I know there are some that have heard of Midol and seen it but may not be familiar with what exactly it does and what it helps and so on.

I think the whole thing could've been presented better but after how blatant the Green stuff was, I'm not surprised. I just wish they could be a bit more subtle or present things a bit better. They are being far too blatant with things like this.
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