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Today was alright.

Enjoyed Lucas/Chloe but anything to do with Sami sucks. EJ and Lucas are so much better away from her. She's just a mess of a character right now, fumbling all over herself. If they are already limiting her screentime for TBL, I say give her two full months off and bring her back in the Fall because I can't stand her right now. She's all over the map.

The Pub scenes were good. Enjoyed Morgan ranting at John and the John/Philip showdown. I loved Philip and Morgan and enjoyed the Bo/Caroline conversation. Wonder what that was about. Hope and Chelsea was nice too. I liked their talk and the Kate/Daniel scenes confirmed for me that they had an affair. The fact that Kate has no idea about Chelsea and Daniel dating and after Morgan warned Chelsea on Friday, it pretty much makes it seem Chelsea is going to end up getting hurt. Kate will find out once Chelsea is in deep with Daniel and will try to warn Chelsea and then Chelsea will learn about the affair and push her grandmother away, blaming her. It makes sense too. When Daniel first arrived, Kate pushed her to go after Daniel and Chelsea didn't right away and there were sparks with Kate and Daniel so they had an affair, which is the real reason why he pushed Chelsea away initially. Eventually, he wanted Chelsea so he dumped Kate and that is why Kate is upset with him and why he all of a sudden changed his mind and asked Chelsea out. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if he is still getting it on with Lexie while dating Chelsea since Lexie and Daniel had some interesting scenes. This is just my theory though.

Loved John's sticky bun line and the way he handled Sami at the end. Loved the Rolf tango lesson line too. All in all, not too bad of an episode IMO.
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