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Today was rather boring. I did like the EJami stuff but only cause I prefer their scenes together than Lumi (which I can't believe I admit to). Sami telling EJ to get out was stupid, it's his uncle's house.

I guess I'm in the minority here but I do like Phorgan. I like Morgan and I like her misdirected anger at John because it's going to be very angsty when she finds out who really got Paul into this trouble. I am confused though, did Philip really cause Paul's demise as he has a lot of gaul to ask John what he did with him?

As for Chan...I do not like watching Hope used this way. I feel Higley is backpedaling trying to answer the negative viewer response to the issues with Chan. Before was the treatment of Nick so let's write in a scene of Chelsea getting blown off by him (love that one I must admit). Then we've bitched about the age issue so now let's write in for characters who previously not had problems with how old Daniel is to suddenly have "reservations". Finally now Kate is I guess irritated by the idea of them dating (or when she learns) because we've complained how nobody seemed to mind Chelsea chasing after a man she barely knew. Now that she's confronted some of the problems, I find myself MORE irritated with the story than before, something that can only be attributed to the uniqueness of Dena's writing.

It's really a shame though because the one minute of Kate/Daniel, I find them way more interesting than anything I've seen with Chan.
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