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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Jinxed Soul
Jun 24 2008, 10:12 AM
If Kate and Daniel did have an affair off air, I think that's actually pretty neat. Its a good suprise for viewers, so I don't mind for a second that it occurred off screen, if that's the case. That would explain why she is reluctant to be anymore near him. I would be disgusted, as well.
I disagree that these sort of things are a good surprise. First of all, it just gives another reason for viewers to distrust the show because they never know when these sort of surprises, either intended all along or plugged in as rewrites, are going to pop up again so there's less of an incentive to get emotionally invested in the story. For a viewer to get emotionally invested to the extent that a soap story is successful you must have TRUST and it's so hard to trust the show right now when you can't even know exactly what is going on by watching it.

Maybe my reaction is because the DAYS standard that is in my head is set by the JER days when characters would have a secret that the viewers would know about but that the character would try to keep from everyone else (often resulting in sometimes comical monologue voice overs as they thought about their big secret hanging over them) and viewers would tune in day after day in anticipation of when that other shoe would drop. However hokey, that is just something that I liked a lot and that I find makes for a more enjoyable soap experience.

I just don't like being in the dark about stuff like this. It makes it really hard to care about the character's problems when I don't know what they are or why they are acting the way they are and thus it's a lot more difficult to tune in every day because I'm bored because I don't care about these problems I don't know anything about and so by the time the secret is finally revealed it's hard to care that the conclusion has been reached and sometimes I don't even know for sure that the two things are really related. If it wasn't for the Internet I'm not sure if I would have realized that the steve-ej meeting at the pub was about steve subletting ej's apartment, for example. And if it wasn't for the Internet and all of you saying this means that Daniel and Kate had an affair if I was just an isolated viewer at home I would still be scratching my head wondering if that was the case.

There's also the secret of exactly how Trent and Nicole shared a past. I really want to know the answer to this right now, but will I care by the time they reveal it?

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