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Watching today just made me sad. Because at one time, Sami was like my favorite character on this show. Today...I don't know what to think of her except they must have given her lines from Chelsea's script to say. She accuses EJ of being selfish for not moving out of the house. She then is angry that EJ is seeing Nicole when she's made it clear enough times they are not going to get together (as well as asking Nicole to use her influence to get EJ to move out). Part of me doesn't blame Lucas or EJ talking away from her and that is so hard to say. For years I have wanted a triangle with Sami at the center but not like this.

Lost some Philip love with him handing the disk over to Marlena. I had to roll my eyes at Marlena insisting Philip's motives are purely selfcentered. I'm sure Victor has a pot and a kettle somewhere in that huge Kimansion. Let's just show it to her shall we?

Abe and Lexie, I'm trying to care. This story is topical and important and I should be caring but why is it I was so more into RJ's scenes when Daniel was wiping icing off her nose?

I don't mind Lucas asking Chloe to say she saw Paul at the docks. It's an interesting different way to put them in scenes together. Just not sure how Chloe can pull that off and it smacks a bit of Lexie/Tek before they disappeared last year.

Can someone tell me how Max remembers so much of his past and how his dad left his mom?
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