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^Max doesn't remember, Tripp. He found that out. How...I don't know. All I can think of is that he hired a P.I. at some point or found the stuff out on his own. I mean, he did spend alot of time offscreen the past 3 years with little story so I can buy that.

I really enjoyed his scenes with Caroline today. Very emotional. Darin has really stepped up and Peggy was great too. I liked hearing about how his mother died and how his father stood by as he was taken away. It explains why he was mute due to the trauma of that. I know it's rewriting history a bit but I think it works since they are taking their time and it's being well played. Glad to see Caroline on much more and I like her having a role in this story. I like Max so much more without Stephanie and I'm liking this story overall so far.

Lucas/Chloe was a waste. Same old stuff as yesterday but I am enjoying their interaction more and liked their scenes with John.

Sami is just a mess of a character. They really need to rest her. Her scenes with EJ were the low point of the episode for me. I really enjoyed the EJ/Nicole/Ava/John interaction. Nicole and Ava's friendship is great and I like that Nicole told John about the annulment ruse. Nicole and Sami was fun scene too.

I also liked the Marlena/Philip scene and how she is starting to see he is not an innocent in all this. The tension was evident and I like that this disk thing is finally moving.

The Abe/Lexie stuff is off to a wonderful start. JR and RJ played this really well. Both point of views were evident and the writing and performances were solid. That end scene with Marlena was very sad. Really liked this today and hope it continues to be as good as today.

As for the Kate/Daniel thing, I would love for it to have taken place offscreen. I like a little mystery and, while I don't want them to do this alot, it works for this story because they built up Daniel as this God among men who has this tragic background and is this genius. I would love for it to be what I mentioned in my last post. Chelsea gets involved deeply and Kate learns about it, tells her about the affair with Daniel and how he dumped her and Chelsea and her have rift between them. Chelsea thinks Kate is lying just to keep her away from him or something and then maybe have us learn that he had an affair with Lexie too and really go the distance with this. I think this kind of story has potential (especially given his behavior at the gym and the way he was looking at woman) and could lead to some major drama. It would really play well into a hard fall from grace for Daniel and I think it takes the audience for a ride because the show really built him up as Mr. Perfect and usually that does mean trouble but the whole thing with his wife really plays well into convincing the audience he's a great guy. I just think there is potential here but we'll see.
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