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Jun 24 2008, 02:54 PM
^Max doesn't remember, Tripp. He found that out. How...I don't know. All I can think of is that he hired a P.I. at some point or found the stuff out on his own. I mean, he did spend alot of time offscreen the past 3 years with little story so I can buy that.

Oh, I missed that part. Sorry.

As for the Kate/Daniel thing, I would love for it to have taken place offscreen. I like a little mystery and, while I don't want them to do this alot, it works for this story because they built up Daniel as this God among men who has this tragic background and is this genius. I would love for it to be what I mentioned in my last post. Chelsea gets involved deeply and Kate learns about it, tells her about the affair with Daniel and how he dumped her and Chelsea and her have rift between them. Chelsea thinks Kate is lying just to keep her away from him or something and then maybe have us learn that he had an affair with Lexie too and really go the distance with this. I think this kind of story has potential (especially given his behavior at the gym and the way he was looking at woman) and could lead to some major drama. It would really play well into a hard fall from grace for Daniel and I think it takes the audience for a ride because the show really built him up as Mr. Perfect and usually that does mean trouble but the whole thing with his wife really plays well into convincing the audience he's a great guy. I just think there is potential here but we'll see.

I'd love for Daniel to be knocked off this ridiculous OTT pedestal they have established for him but I don't think it's going to go that way. I think Dena loves her little manipulative red herrings and wants us to BELIEVE Dan and Kate did it and so she will milk this along until the real secret is revealed. However, if Dena can't get ratings up and Chan is going along the wayside, she can use her "secret" then to reveal Kate and Daniel had been doing it before he got with Chelsea to end Chan. It's just hedging her bets.

And finally, I don't think Daniel's wife Rebecca is every going to get mentioned again. Maybe someone will say something in regards to how he is a widower and the pain of losing his wife (whom he barely knew and only married her cause she was terminal) in passing, but I think that was simply Dena's typical hack method of drawing up sympathy for Daniel.

What I would give if the Kate's secret wound up her digging into Daniel's background and found out Rebecca is the spitting image of Chelsea. Now that, would be creepy!
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