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I thought I would hate it, but EJ/Lucas scene was pretty awesome to me. No yelling, slight sarcasm, dare I say they were being civil?
I am just liking Lucas so much more now that the yelling and obnoxiousness is gone, and loved him and EJ, and him and Nicole!

Yes, Days, do what you can to keep Tamara around as long as possible. The Kristen Blake comparison sounds so juicy, and Tamara rocks any scene that she is in...and I love her and Nicole! So cute to see that friendship develop...loved Ava telling Nicole how weird it was the Nicole didn't want a one night stand! Loved their mutual drool over EJ!

I'm going one day at a time with Lexie and Abe! So far so good!

Like Lucas and Sami, Max is so much better without Stephanie. He is tolerable, dare I say it enjoyable. Loved him and Caroline!

And I agree with pretty much everyone else that Sami is a complete mess...acting like a fool trying to get everyone to make EJ leave! This is utter nonscene, and I find myself rolling my eyes when Sami appears! What have they done to her?!?!?
She is so damn irrational, that I believe that both of those guys are too good for her right now!
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