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Jun 24 2008, 02:02 PM
Maybe my reaction is because the DAYS standard that is in my head is set by the JER days when characters would have a secret that the viewers would know about but that the character would try to keep from everyone else (often resulting in sometimes comical monologue voice overs as they thought about their big secret hanging over them) and viewers would tune in day after day in anticipation of when that other shoe would drop. However hokey, that is just something that I liked a lot and that I find makes for a more enjoyable soap experience.

God, yes! I just posted about this on another forum, LoL.

For me personally, one of the most enjoyable things about watching a soap opera is when we know all the character's secrets and we watch as they try to keep those secrets under wraps. Yet with Higley writing, we're kept in the dark about all of the character's secrets and as a result, the viewing experience isn't as fun... it's just annoying. How are we supposed to care when we don't know the full story of what's going on? I'm just left scratching my head all over the place, because nothing makes sense. Am I too thickheaded to "get it" or is she really just missing the boat that badly?
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