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Jun 24 2008, 04:22 PM
Jun 24 2008, 02:02 PM
Maybe my reaction is because the DAYS standard that is in my head is set by the JER days when characters would have a secret that the viewers would know about but that the character would try to keep from everyone else (often resulting in sometimes comical monologue voice overs as they thought about their big secret hanging over them) and viewers would tune in day after day in anticipation of when that other shoe would drop. However hokey, that is just something that I liked a lot and that I find makes for a more enjoyable soap experience.

God, yes! I just posted about this on another forum, LoL.

For me personally, one of the most enjoyable things about watching a soap opera is when we know all the character's secrets and we watch as they try to keep those secrets under wraps. Yet with Higley writing, we're kept in the dark about all of the character's secrets and as a result, the viewing experience isn't as fun... it's just annoying. How are we supposed to care when we don't know the full story of what's going on? I'm just left scratching my head all over the place, because nothing makes sense. Am I too thickheaded to "get it" or is she really just missing the boat that badly?
She's not only missing the boat...she's sinking it. Whatever her intentions may be, I keep thinking the reason we aren't finding out about her various "secrets" is that she's simply making up things as she goes along. And the lack of follow through is frustrating. She keeps inserting scenes like EJ and Steve's meeting at the Pub and EJ meeting with the immigration guy and then instead of following up on them, we're left guessing. I assume EJ and Steve were meeting about the apartment, but it wasn't explained. I assume EJ met with the immigration guy because it was a set-up, but that hasn't been explained either. Now we have Bo discussing a surprise for Hope, which sounds like a big deal, but I'm sure it's just a special dinner or something. Add to that the Daniel/Kate secret and the Nicole/Trent secret and we have a big mess of secrets that had better be explained soon or I won't even care any more.

John's behavior was very curious today. When he's with Marlena, he seems to want a relationship with her; however, today he was very ambivalent about it when talking to Sami. He told Marlena he's just friends with Ava, but he was still flirty with her today. Has John turned into a player...or does he have a secret agenda, too?

Surprisingly, I liked the Lucas/EJ scenes today. I think both of them are as sick of Sami as I am.
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