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Jun 24 2008, 08:23 PM

Oh, I like the idea of Chelsea resembling Rebecca. Good idea, Tripp.

I don't like knowing the secrets all the time. I'm not saying every story needs to do this but it is nice once in awhile to have a secret where the audience needs to try to put the pieces together along with the other characters. It adds to investment and enthralls you. Look what happened with the SSK. Once we knew it was Marlena, the story went downhill. The mystery was gone. Sometimes you need to just go along for a ride. It adds to the impact of the climax.

I thought of her looking just like Rebecca from the very beginning. They made it clear he was young when he met her so presumably she was young and it might explain why he had such a weird reaction to when Chelsea took a turn for the worst. Not that Dena digs into that because it gives the character layers or anything. It's much more important for him to share a story of swimming with sharks off the coast of Australia.

And I see what you are saying and if this were setup better as well as having faith in Dena, I could get accept it. But since she came aboard she's loved this red herring thing and so it's difficult to trust anything we've seen. If she does follow through with Kate/Daniel I will forever believe not showing it was because they were scared people already saw fireworks between LK and SC and were too afraid it would overshadow Chan (which it does IMO.)
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