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Jun 24 2008, 09:35 PM
^I doubt that. I don't think they worry about things like a couple being overshadowed by another couple, although maybe they do. Afterall, Shelle were axed when Shawn/Chloe and Philip/Belle started taking off. I just don't think Corday and Higley think about that kind of stuff.
I know and maybe it's the conspiracy person inside me, but when Dan first came on, magazines and blogs were focusing on Kate and Daniel, not Chelsea and Daniel (course I blame this on SC to some extent who seems far more comfortable in scenes opposite LK than RM.)

Then suddenly he and Kate are in zero scenes together but he's still obviously in Chelsea's path. I just think they realized they were creating a situation they weren't planning on since nobody seemed to realize that given SC is closer to age to LK, people automatically presumed she was his new love interest.
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