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^That's a good point, Tripp. However, I will add that there was also a rumor going around that he may end up with Hope. It was in SID in an article about SC. It mentioned he may come between Bo and Hope and people went nuts and it turned into nothing.

I actually think they left things vague and wanted to see where the chemistry was at. I think they wanted Chan to begin with but the negative feedback outweighed the positive (much like what happened with the EJ/Sami scenes) and now they are using what they set up to toss Kate into this in what will, ultimately, end up being the end of Chan. That doesn't mean Kate will end up with Daniel but I do think Kate will be used as a vehicle to destroying Daniel's perfect image and any chance he has with Chelsea. I don't think that was the plan, more like a plan B if people disliked Chan. It's actually remarkable how much it makes sense. Kate was offscreen quite a bit. There were sparks with her and Daniel and she pushed Chelsea to pursue Daniel when he first arrived. Chelsea balked so Kate did but did it in secret. it makes sense within the story but we'll see if my theories are similar or even correct at all.
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