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Jun 25 2008, 05:02 AM
But watching a soap and understanding what the hell is going on shouldn't be WORK.

Good storytelling is effortless. And that's not just a JER thing. I mean do people find these same sort of problems on other soaps right now? Because I don't.

And I disagree that what's coming up with EJ shows she has a roadmap. To me it screams of rewrite after the fact when the show decided to jerk the triangle back another way.
Actually, I do see them. There just a bit more blatant about showing people doing mysterious behavior. Higley just gives you quick scenes but the Nicole/Trent and Kate/Daniel stuff has been a bit more consistent in being shown. I don't consider it work. I find it to be fun. I don't like things being so obvious. It's boring. I like piecing things together and figuring things out. At the very least it makes things interesting. It makes me feel like the show is treating me like I have intelligence to figure these things out and it also helps investment because it intrigues me enough to tune in to find out what is going on.

Days4Life, your right that it's hard to trust the show but I think I'm past that point now. I just hope for good stories. I've already accepted that no matter who writes, most people won't be happy and the fanbases and/or Corday will eventually just change gears. Its why this show has been in trouble for so long. I just sit back and enjoy it now.
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