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Well, Morgan was also not ok with it and we know Kate won't be either so there have been people not ok with it. Hope was even a bit worried about it.

I did like the Chelsea/Daniel stuff today. I'm glad they at least played out her worry and Bo's reaction was good. Loved his line about Daniel (can't recall it but it as funny). I wonder what Bo is up to. Maybe he is taking Hope away on a vacation or something. Hmm...

Nicole/Trent was interesting. Ari and Roscoe are rocking this. I feel so scared for Nicole. Trent is a creepy guy and we really get some insight into their past tomorrow. I like how Bo and Hope called attention to them being there too and how Nicole knows Max is Trent's son.

Max/Stephanie were boring but I did like Stephanie helping Chelsea, even if it was for a date with Daniel. I like little things like that. Nice to see Caroline again, as well as Roman. Like that Chloe told him about Paul. Good movement there and having Morgan there was a plus. Glad they are at least mentioning Joe but they really dropped the ball on that story. I did like Steve and Max's talk and the Steve, Kayla, and Roman scenes. Like the Duke reference too.

Lexie/Abe/Marlena was my favorite today. Really enjoyed the DJ/Don reference and Dee, Renee, and James played it out well today. Good start for this story so far. Hope it continues.

Liked the end with Rolf, John, and Marlena. Rolf got pale as a ghost seeing that disk. I can't figure out why Lucas is eavesdropping though. Guess he has nothing better to do LOL.

Good episode today.
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