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Loved Nicole and Trent...mysterious, but it sounded like she was a willing participant in whatever they did....but maybe she was a teen at the time and he was her "father figure" of sort.
Didn't they drop a segment where Nicole said that she had just one question for Trent...then it cut to commercial and when it came back, they were talking about something else? Did I miss the question?
Don't know what happened, but Roscoe is one freaky dude when he wants to be.

I laughed out loud at Bo's reaction to Dan/Chelsea! I love it! But yea, Bo and Dan look the same age...but the age thing doesn't bother me. Chelsea grinning like a teenager at whatever Dan says annoys me a bit. Maybe I just forgot about that young love thing...

Good show today.
Lots of characters mixing it up. I really like that!
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