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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Trent and Nicole are really the only thing interesting about this episode. I wish they weren't making Nicole a mom, but I now think they are and are going to just forget about Nicole and Victor's divorce settlement and not have Nicole and Trent having been married in the past.

Max just confuses me. I like that Steve and Kayla point out how young Max was that maybe he doesn't know the whole story about his parents, but then again don't Steve and Kayla know the full story since they were the one who found him so shouldn't they be as anti-Trent as Max is? And honestly, however bad Trent is Max is so annoying with this angry kid routine all the time that it just kind of makes me root for Trent more and be glad Trent was a shitty parent to him.

Morgan, Chloe, Roman... blah. I don't hate this storyline but it's nothing special. Lucas being in the scenes with Marlena and John at all was dumb.

Speaking of dumb... Marlena is IMPOSSIBLE to root for and the return of real John and Jarlena is impossible to root for when Marlena is written this way. Why is she keeping that she got the disk from Phillip a secret from John? What reason would she have for doing him a favor when if Phillip is in possession of the disk the logical conclusion would be Phillip stole the disk as part of the feud he has with her husband. Also, why does it take John not even knowing for sure who gave her the disk to point out how this could be a trap to get her to think of this possibility? I can deal with Marlena being annoying or boring or sanctimonious but I will not abide the character being either dumb or displaying more loyalty to someone other than John Black. I guess the one good thing about that scene was seeing maybe Rolf is still up to no good and has just been faking being reformed so maybe all this time he's playing nanny he's using free time to try to cook up some cure for Stefano's coma? That would be fun.

Oh and Daniel and Chelsea's date was just lame. Why can't Daniel wait until he's off duty to pursue a love life. Then again, considering he picks up his ladies on duty I guess that makes sense that's when he'd schedule his dates too. Worst doctor ever!
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