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So on the chan date is it just me or is it really unprofessional for Dan to bring his date back to the hospital with him? Really? And is that a first date type of thing to do? Maybe if they had this long time relationship (say I wouldn't have a problem with Abe sitting and eating dinner with Lexie up at the hospital) but this is supposed to be "get to know you stage". They aren't getting to know each other. And I'd never have agreed to head back to the hospital with a doctor who was called back. I'd feel really uncomfortable with everyone working around me (like the guy bringing the tray in) and then being bored waiting on him. I hope she has some games on her phone.

Morgan going off to Roman seemed pushed. I loved how Philip was trying to get her to calm down, especially with what we know of his involvement. As for Chloe and Roman talking, Chloe checking her cell phone, even if ND was the greatest actress in the world is just way too "OH COME ON" moments that Roman didn't catch on. I mean, he didn't catch on right? I might have drifted at the end and God knows you can't count on JT's face to tell us anything.

I did enjoy Steve basically giving Max a reality check on making sure he's right about Trent before he starts labeling him a monster. My pet peeve up until now has been Max was so young back then, how does he really remember the truth? Max of course took the advice just like I expected which is to say he didn't. I would enjoy these scenes more if I didn't already know that Trent will be inevitably revealed as that monster Max knows he is since everything we've seen between he and Nicole have supported it. Max will then be told he's even more righteous and they will never question his behavior again.

Nicole/Trent were awesome today. Now I do think AZ should stay away from a few of the sobs, she doesn't have the tears that can flow (or I've been spoiled on RM, JE and MBE) but everything else was great. I loved the rather refreshing attitude of Trent's "Stop whining" lecture and Nicole coming right back to him. Great stuff there, good chemistry. It just goes to show that two capable actors can use a different sort of chemistry to make a scene work.
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