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Jun 26 2008, 04:55 PM
Nicole and Trent rocked today..I'm just loving Nicole being pushed to the forefront of the show, because she is a popular character played by an extremely capable actress..

Also while i don't want Lucas and Chloe together longterm, i'm enjoying them hanging out..For months fans bitched and complained that Lucas needed more people to interact with besides Sami, EJ, and Kate..Sami was really dragging down Lucas and turning him into her lapdog..So its so refreshing seeing Lucas with Chloe for the timebeing..I think it will be good for his character..
I'm one of those who haven't liked Lucas for a long time and thought that he desperately needed to interact with someone who wasn't Kate, Sami or EJ. I don't see Chloe and Lucas as a long-term solution for any reason, but I think they have good friends chemistry and heaven knows they both need friends.

Since I'm new on this board, I'll provide my biases up front. These are the things that work for me right now:

-anything involving Nicole. Love her. Love that she is being written with more depth and that the actress is raising her game to match. She sparks with everyone and no matter who she's talking to, I'm interested. The one storyline that is really holding my interest right now is Nicole's past with Trent.
-Philip is my favorite character and I love that he is darker and more of a ladykiller. I hate Belle with a passion and I hated when he was wasted on an obsession with her. However, I cannot stand Morgan with Philip and I am gritting my teeth hoping that passes.
-I love EJ, and am hoping for a real EJ/Nicole romance, but have my doubts same will come to pass.
-Love Victor, am happy to see him on my screen more.

As for the rest, well. . . don't love it so much. I used to be an EJami fan until their chemistry evaporated and now they look like an old married couple who can't stand to be around each other. If I had two wishes for the show it would be to end Phorgan and shoot the EJamucas triangle and put it out of its and my misery. I used to love Sami, now I cannot stand her and I wish she would leave my screen. She does not deserve to be fought over and I'm sad to say that; there was a time I felt very differently. Now, I wish she and her heavily damaged hair would just go away.

Chan: I hate them with a passion. I see no chemistry, their story is boring, I hate insta-luv, and I hate the idiotic dialogue SC has. I can't stand super awesome perfect characters and apparently I'm supposed to think Dr. Dan can cure cancer with a smile. No thanks, show. I never liked Chelsea much, was not a Nick fan, don't think Nick's hot (but do think the character is likeable deserves an actual storyline, perhaps with Nicole), so my Chan hate has nothing whatsoever to do with Nick or Chick.

Stax: Again, hate. I like Stephanie and my dream pairing is her with Philip. But I hate how she has nothing to do but let Max scream at her because his idiotic secret about his marvelous math skills which he can't have because he's the son of an Irish fisherman was not to be revealed. I could have been mildly interested in the reveal about Trent had I not come to loathe Max for his undeserved front-burnering.

Jarlena: Not a fan. I like Jawn, hope the old John never returns. Once upon a time I liked John and Marlena together, but that time has passed. I would love for them to be really broken up, but I know better.

Is anything else even going on? The show is definitely slow and un-captivating these days.
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