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Jun 26 2008, 02:21 PM
A bit of a spoiler but I'm watching the day ahead eppy.

Didn't Anna's boss already tell Anna the business was going under? Tomorrow Anna meets her boss (Which it looks like it's their first time and I swear it's a different actor.) God the writing is awful.
Anna knew the business wasn't doing well and that it was in danger but she took it upon herself to try to help save it and she had brought in a few accounts so I don't have a problem with the scenes tomorrow.

Today was pretty boring though. I'm with Kev on Lucas and Chloe. Not sure about the long-term but I really like them mixing it up for now. It's nice seeing Lucas with someone else for a change. Chan were gag-worthy. My theory better be right because I know longer can stand them. Nicole/Trent was very interesting and creepy. Ari and Roscoe are doing well with this material. I also enjoyed the Steve/Kayla/Max stuff. I wish they would make more of a point of noting Steve and Kayla playing a role in Max's early years but that gets in the way of Stax a bit and since they try to isolate Max's Brady connections now, I shouldn't be surprised.

Enjoyed the Morgan stuff too. At least the story is moving.

I don't mind Marlena right now. At least she is pushing to get the "old" John back now with good reason. The disk reawakened her desire to have him back. She no longer has to accept this John to be with John so I can see where she is coming from right now.

It was pretty dull today though but the week this far had been good so hopefully tomorrow picks up a bit.
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