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CBS.com: What's new with Marina?
MANDY BRUNO: A lot! Marina is falling in love with Mr. Mallet, which has been awesome. There's always been a thing between the two of them so it's great to explore that relationship. Marina and Mallet have been good friends, and they didn't want to ruin that and I think they're both at a place in their life right now - well I can speak for Marina - where she doesn't want complications and it's nice to sit back with your best friend and have some fun.

CBS.com: How does Marina react to G's return to Springfield?
MANDY BRUNO: I think that she definitely has her eyes on him. It's a very complicated relationship because G is Cyrus' brother and she was in love with Cyrus so she understands his loyalty to his brother because, gosh, if anything, Marina understands loyalty to your family; she's a Cooper. She gets why Cyrus would want to protect him and help him out. But, at the same time he killed her best friend, so there is some turmoil there.

CBS.com: Now that's Harley is out of the picture will Marina try and pursue Cyrus?
MANDY BRUNO: I think that Marina is really enjoying her relationship with Mallet right now for sure, and she's falling for him. I think there's also a piece of her that is still in love with Cyrus and if he came knocking at the door, I am not so sure she would turn him away. I think it would be hard and there would be a lot that they'd need to work on in that relationship to move past some of the drama that occurred during their relationship. But, you know, when you are in love with somebody it's hard to let that go. The only thing Marina saw that came between her and Cyrus was Harley, so now that Harley is gone, maybe they can work it out.

CBS.com: What's new with Marina and her friend, Remy?
MANDY BRUNO: They are best buds. It's something that we all kind of talked about before. We like that they are just friends. I had a great conversation with GL Executive Producer, Ellen Wheeler about this. In a soap opera and a town where everyone is falling in love with one another it's nice to see two people just be friends and be there to support one another. We all have that in our lives, a person who is a really good friend. That's where their relationship starts and ends.

CBS.com: What's next for Marina?
MANDY BRUNO: I think in light of all this, Marina will continue to pursue her relationship with Mallet but she has a couple of close encounters with Cyrus and that's awakening some old feelings but whether she pursues them or not, that's another story.
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