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Steve Frame
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The cost thing is what some on soaps have been wondering. I guess they cut out the staff cost to make them - editing etc. With the way backstage personnel salaries have gone up over the years it can get into some bucks - depending how many staff members work on it.

I was thinking at the time I first read this about the openings. Soem also brought that up on boards too. To me the only opening on daytime right now that can't cost that much is Days - because it is paid for.

All the soap openings use to be simple, but some are very elaborate now. It would seem they could scale them back to what they used to be and cut more money that way.

But I do think this is a good thing. Those previews let people know who is going to be on and who isn't and they often don't tune in. Also just like recently with OLTL - both Marty and Tina showed up in the previews for the next day. How much more exciting would it have been for non-spoiler viewers to not have seen that and bam there they are the next day.
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