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You know what? I don't think Days is as bad as some. It's getting better IMO. Let me also say I expected a 1.9 in HH due to the preemption (and thank God that 1.5 didn't count or it will be worse) but there is a problem here and that is that Days still got 1.8's and 1.9's for the rest of the week, in a week where actual things happened. What does this say? Days was boring for far too long. It lacked direction for far too long and it still does in some respects. I know I said I would wait until summer's end but I won't because I think it's time to make a preemptive strike...fire Dena Higley!

While I'm sure she has been interfered with and she hasn't been as bad as before, it's not enough and rather then wait until the bottom falls out, they may as well make a move while others soaps are struggling. I think she will be gone by summer's end anyway. The signs are already there and this autism story has already set the stage for her failure. I just think they should make a move now so they can end the summer big and set up Fall. I do not like those dailies or demo numbers AT ALL. Atrocious.

The other soaps are no better. Soaps are just in big trouble and it's sad but we all knew it was coming. Now B&B is going down with Y&R it seems. This is past the point of depressing.

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