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Jun 27 2008, 12:31 AM
I don't get it! Days hasn't been THAT bad...I know it is bad, but not losing thousands of viewers bad...not 1.8 bad!
What has happened? All characters are interacting, space aliens aren't coming from the sky, vets aren't reading letters, nobody is being raped, Touch the Sky is done...
We were climbing for a few months there...we were at 2.3 two months ago!

I really don't get the rhyme or reason for this sucktitude!
Knowing that this is not a couples board this post probablywon't be popular, but I just saw this post on another board and this is so true. There is not one rooting couple on this show. Right now we have Chelsea/Dan, Stax, EJ/Nicole. John/Ava and Lucas/Chloe. Bope and Payla are there, but not really. Marlena is now the third wheel. I tuned out the day Higley sent her packing to pimp John/Ava. That my reason for not watching the last three weeks. I'm sure others have their reasons, but basically why get invested in ANY couple when they will get trashed. And yes, Days has been that bad.
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