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Couples are not the reason Days is struggling in the ratings. Maybe it's why they are struggling with some fans but it's not the reason behind the numbers.

As I said, if there is one thing you can't be for an extended period of time now in soaps it is boring. Hell, you can't even be boring for one week. You will pay for it and that has happened to Days and many of the shows. Earlier this year, Y&R was getting better but nothing of note was happening. After about two months, their numbers went into a downhill spiral similar to Days' last year and they are still falling. That happened to Days last year too. People can say what they want about Hogan but the lack of vets IMO was the secondary problem to the show having nothing of note going on from late January-April. Just look at what happened when Days starting having things happen. the numbers stabilized and by year's end they hit a 2.3 and then in February they hit a 2.4. They slow things down for 3 months and then the show begins to become direction-less in May and it drops after weeks of at least maintaining a 2.0-2.1. People gave it a chance and stuck with it for a bit but Days took too long to get going and they suffered for it. may was the deal breaker and I can see why. AMC, one of Days' time slot competitors in some markets, got better in May and that probably hurt. Also, this has nothing to do with me favoring Lumi or Ejami. I coudl care less about either but their was a MAJOR campaign done in response to the lovemaking and it was not just about Lumi fans. They played a part in it but alot of general fans were involved too so that was a recipe for disaster in May. The recent preemptions don't help either as Days has been all over the map time-wise so it's been a time of upheaval.

Next week is the key for me. If they can't reach a 2.0 for this past week since there were no preemptions, they are in big trouble with Wimbledon next week (a week they will definitely get low numbers in traditionally now) because no 2.0 next week makes me think they won't even rebound to that once Wimbledon is over. It just sets them up badly for the summer and for the Olympic period. We'll see but I'm starting to think it's time for a preemptive strike and Days should get rid of Dena now, even though I do think she is a goner soon anyway..
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