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Jun 27 2008, 12:24 AM
Welcome Paxton! I enjoyed your post, and totally agree! Hope to see you around!

OMG! I just finished today's show and it was bad. The writing! Ugh!
And I am trying to follow Chan, I really am, but today's show was awkward and embarassing. Chelsea just acts like a little girl, and the chemistry was absent. Dan sounded like an idiot, and they just didn't mesh.

My only bright spot on the show was Nicole! I love Nicole no matter who she is opposite! Trent was awesome showing no concern for her, and while I could live without another damn secret, Nicole and Trent kept my interest.

Chloe was so baaadd today! The acting is atrocious..."um, oh wait, Roman, I remember now what Paul was wearing...I know I said it was dark and I wasn't paying attention, but now after my phone ringing and me looking at it, I definitely remember he was wearing a light ash grey Kenneth Cole suit with a blue pin striped shirt with a yellow hanky in the pocket...um, yea, that is what I think I remember seeing" and Nadia is so bad at the subtle stuff. And so not convincing! Her emotionless deer in the headlights look just doesn't work in this scene, and I found myself laughing at the dialogue and the scene!

Why is Morgan kissing Phillip?

I didn't enjoy today's show at all...bad dialogue, scenes were silly...like Nicole!
You're right Allligato, Chloe was especially bad today. I like the deer in the headlights description. That is what I thought too. I did like Nicole and Trent. I haven't seen Roscoe Born on other soaps but he is very good (at playing bad). Daniel and Chelsea was awkward and childish. It's almost embarrassing to watch them. I was really looking forward to Shawn Christen's character coming on, but now just disappointed. Marlena and John is getting tiresome - same old, same old. Ava in the mix may help some, but I don't really care anymore.
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