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Lord, it's about time they did away with those. Geez, if your storylines aren't going to get people to tune in the next day, those previews tagged on at the end sure aren't. I've hated those things ever since they started them and thought they were stupid and counter productive. It's the same reason I hate detailed spoilers. Why the hell watch if you already know what's going to happen? The big draw of soaps is to be drawn in and want to tune in to find out! I also wish soaps would ditch the posed cast shot openings that have to be updated (at a cost) every other week (it seems). Give me a stong theme song and a beautiful opening visual with something that symbolizes the theme and/or feel of the show. You could shell out a nice chunk of change for it at the begining, but you'll never have to edit it or change it again when someone comes/goes and it's good for years without another thing done to it. IMO, *that* would be cost effective.
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