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I agree, Matt.

That is where Days saves money. Their opening is the same with no cast shots. Nothing. I never did like the cast shots for soaps. I prefer just a traditional opening. It's not like the opening is going to catch a young viewer's eye (which is what I think is the idea behind some of those ABC openings). They could care less. Plus, the shows never seem to update them frequently enough.

The next step is limiting spoilers. I know they can't do away with them but they should limit them and/or make them as vague as possible. Days has gotten better at that since Ed Scott came but it's still a bit too much. I remember the days where a SOD cover story told you a bit about the even or story going on and left almost half of it vague so you had no idea. I know it's different times now with the Internet and all but you can do it. Look at Passions and how many secrets it kept with story over they years. It's possible and I say stop with the sties like Prevuze and all those daily updates and stuff that tells you the characters who will be on that day. Let's go back to the old days of not knowing so people HAVE to tune in everyday. The Early Edition is already gone so let's do away with the rest. These sources is why people just pick and choose when they watch. Limit the spoilers, make them tune in. That way you have a better chance at locking people in more, especially Days because characters are now showing up at any point in the episode. It's lost past time this happens. It's one of the biggest things hurting soaps and while I know you have to have some spoilers to create interest, they should go back to the old ways because they were much more effective.
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