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^Actually, he doesn't allow it to happen, Kenny. He is the reason it does happen.

I'm not excusing the writers. Yes, they could still put out something better and some writers have. SSM and Langan still got some decent stuff out there despite Corday's interference. Hogan did as well, especially toward the end of his run (which was remarkable considering most of his stuff never made it onscreen). Even JER got some decent material onscreen. However, as long as Corday is there, this is what will happen. I've accepted it. Since JER left in 1997, he's began a pattern of thinking he knows what fans want and then having to backtrack because he screwed up. This has happened over and over again because he experiments whether it's with building up young couples or generations and backburnering the vets or simply going back to themes of the past like the Brady/Dimera feud and so on. He needs to just stop experimenting, stay out of the writing until his interference is needed, and let the writers write. I sometimes wonder what he reads or listens to. The guy has to get it by now. I mean, really. It's been over 10 years this has been going on and really the only lengthy period of consistency was January 2002-February 2003, B&C's period.

He is the big problem. The writers are a part of it (and, yes, I know every writer has dealt with interference but I just think Corday's a bit more aggressive) but it all goes back to Corday. I just wish Sony or someone would step in, put Corday in his place and say if he wants his show to survive he needs to stick to the business end of things and let Ed Scott control the show, and then I think we would see major improvement. Sadly, that will never happen.
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