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Steve Frame
Jun 27 2008, 10:59 AM
Tim why are you calling for Dena to go? I am not being hateful with the question. And you are not the only one, but you brought it up so I will ask you.

Last year when we were calling for Hogan to be dismissed because of the low ratings, many said Days couldn't stand another writer change. That Corday needed to stick with Hogan and try to work things out.

Now all over the boards the same people who said then a writer change was bad and you just can't keep putting Days through one transition after another - are the same ones calling for Dena to be fired.
More or less, Steve, it's a preemptive strike because this summer is a bit different the last. Days had more things going for it. It had the Brady/Dimera thing that at least made things interesting, even if the story wasn't up to par. Things weren't as forced story-wise, with the exception of Lucas/Sami/EJ. I mean, this summer Days has the Olympic situation to worry about and these kind of numbers and storytelling can not carry into that time period or the result will be disastrous. Last year, Days had itself a whole summer after Wimbledon to focus on without interruption. This summer they will have a two week period in August where things will be kind of iffy with the time schedule. You want momentum going into that and with only a little over a month before that time period, Days is not looking good. Plus, there is no confirmation on a renewal and I think it would benefit Corday if he just fired Dena now and showed NBC that he's up to getting things back on track. Kind of like inspiring confidence.

I do think the show has improved the past two weeks so it's not so much about me, personally, calling for Dena's head. It's more or less a reflection of the numbers and what is to come this summer, along with thinking that this could help the renewal, especially considering Dena's negative publicity upon entering the job again.
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