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^That is true, Kenny, but I don't think those characteristics are bad enough to destroy a show or result in bad ratings, or at least not as bad as this. I don't think Corday sits back and let's it happen because he's always around, poking his nose into the writer's office. It's been that way since JER left the first time. The writers may have their bad habits or what have you but Corday compounds the issue with his interference and knee-jerk reactions to things. He not only listens too much to the audience (and you could argue he listens to the wrong sector of the audience at times), he fears the audience. He's not willing to stay the course with stories anymore because he gets a hint of fan upset and gets all nervous and backs off. He doesn't understand that you won't please everyone. Hell, you won't please a good percentage. The result is a watered down, inconsistent, shell of a show that lacks direction and is filled with nothing but short-term periods of greatness.
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