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I agree totally about the insipid spoiler/preview writing. Hell, they're not even real teasers, more like recaps of episodes/scenes that haven't even aired yet.

Instead of: "John tells Marlena the sex was great, but he still doesn't remember her"
How about: "John and Marlena reflect on their earlier romantic encounter. Was it enough to make John remember?" *Always* allude to what the scene is about and then ask a question that watching the scene/episode will answer (because, 9 times out of 10, the question itself is one the audience is already asking and it shows that you're in tune with the audience).

Let's set up a fake scenerio with a fake soap opera. We'll call the soap "Tomorrow's Hope". Our characters are John, Mary, & Jane. From watching TH, we know that John & Mary are married, but having problems. Jane has been out to steal John away. When the newest spoilers come out for TH, we've already seen John & Mary have an arguement right before John leaves on a business trip with Jane. John & Jane share drinks in a hotel room and on the last end-of-show cliffhanger we saw, Jane pulled John into a kiss and he didn't pull away. Our spoilers are for 2 weeks from now.

"When John returns from his trip, Mary suspects John is keeping something from her. Will he tell her about kissing Jane or is he hiding something else? Meanwhile, Jane feels she's one step close to stealing John away. Will a clandestined conversation with John on Thursday confirm her feelings or give her another obstacle?"

The only thing we know for a fact is that #1 - John has come home to Mary from his trip and #2 - John & Jane meet in secret on Thursday. Other than that, we really have no idea what the hell's going to happen! Today, soaps would write their spoilers like this...

"Mary suspects John is hiding something from her and confronts him about his trip with Jane. A guilty John lies about sleeping with Jane and later tells Jane that they can no longer see one another."

Which of the above would come closer to getting you to watch?
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