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Steve Frame
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And just one last thing on the Hogan vs. Higley thing. We can all be tired of it, but it is going to go on. We always compare.

I get tired of hearing how great Hogan Sheffer is or was or how great his writing team was - when I just don't see it. I get tired of hearing all the time how bad JER was or how great Sherri Anderson was when I found her overrated. and so on and so on.

We get tired of a lot of things. but the facts are the facts. Hogan was no better as a headwriter than Higley is. The only thing HS had for him was a bit stronger writing staff - his stories sucked just as bad as JER's did, just as bad as the ghost writers and just as bad as Higley's do.

When it all boils down to it - they all have a few different strong points - but in the end they all have the same weaknesses and that is they just aren't good headwriters.
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