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Steve Frame
Jun 27 2008, 11:59 AM
See Tim for you to say this year is different than last year is a matter of opinion and how you look at it. You say they had the Brady/DiMera thing - well that didn't excite me and many viewers at all. We could have cared less. So for us last summer had nothing at all going for it because the Brady/DiMera thing didn't interest us and neither did TTS and those were the only 2 stories happening at all last summer. There was nothing else going.

And Kenny as far as being tired of the Hogan vs. Higley thing - sure it might not have anything in the long run to do with it. but it is just the pattern. Days has had nothing going for years as you said. I just find it funny that the same people who told us to wait and give Hogan a chance last year - when we were the ones frustrated - are now the same ones putting all the blame on Higley.

As I said last year with Hogan was boring. The summer before with the ghost writer was boring. The summer before that with JER was boring. This summer with Higley is boring. It is not about who it is writing - it is boring.

The only difference I see is that last year people wanted Corday to be blamed and this year they want Higley to be blamed.

It all boils down to the stories. Last year the stories were God awful. And this year they are God awful too and that is why the ratings are down.
Well, I was only answering the question you asked me so, yeah, it is only my opinion that this year is different. I know alot of that didn't excite everyone. In my view, it just made things more interesting.

Also, I'm not blaming Higley 100% for this. Yes, she is a major part of it but, just like Hogan and past writers, I'm still blaming Corday because he's the ringleader. He makes things worse. He steps in when it's not needed rather then, in most cases, when it is. I can't speak for everyone else but from my view the reason Days has fell off so hard in the last ten years is Ken Corday.

Steve, I also want to disagree about the summer of the ghost writer. I actually thought that was the best summer in recent memory with the Gloved hand mystery, Sami/EJ (when they held promise), J&J's farewell, Steve and Kayla's return, etc. I really thought it was a decent summer. Not HUGE but a solid summer and Days did decent in ratings that summer. It held at a 2.7 most of that summer.
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