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Jun 27 2008, 01:23 PM
Jun 27 2008, 01:18 PM
Has DAYS always had next day previews? I feel like when I first started watching the show they didn't have them.
The day-ahead previews didn't start regularly until Langan took over headwriting duties, as I recall. I've hated them from the start.

I do wish they'd do a "previously on..." segment, though. Sometimes the show is so uneven that it's hard to recall where we left off, especially with characters like Tony/Anna who just pop up intermittently.
They starter under SSM actually. They began in her waning months and carried right through into the early months in Langan's tenure. Then they stopped and Days began airing separate promos, in addition to their weekly ones, where they highlighted certain upcoming days and a particular event or development happening on that day. They also had bumpers that promoted upcoming red letter days and all this continued through December 2002, where the next day previews made a return and continue to this very day.

I don't like the "Previously on" segments either. I don't like giving fans fallbacks for not watching the show, especially now when they can tape or DVR their shows or even watch them online somewhere or even watch them on Soapnet. There are many options for fans now if they must miss their shows so I don't see the need for a recap segment. Anything that gives fans an excuse not to watch is a bad idea IMO, just like these day to day previews that tell you who is on everyday are. Soaps need to go back to the old days where people only had vague previews and spoilers and tuned in not knowing who would be on and what would happen.
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