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Steve Frame
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Mike, I think the biggest thing is that it is not they won't fly in daytime - it is just that we don't have the powers that be anymore who have the balls to let them fly in daytime.

They are too scared to tell a story anymore. The networks have always been scared but many times the powers that be like Irna Phillips and others had to fight for what they wanted. They aren't willing to fight anymore. One hint of negative feedback and they pull the plug. Or they back down.

I think if daytime were more daring and more willing to push the buttons with some stories - it would make a world of difference. Give viewers some shocks again. Make them wonder what is going to happen next.

Let a big character die and let them stay dead. Soaps have done it before and they didn't give in to the masses. As I have said before there was no bigger outcries ever than when ATWT killed off Jeff Baker and AW killed off Mary Matthews and Steve Frame. Did they back down? No. Did they give into the fans? No.

did the ratings bottom out and drop? No.

They need to tell a good gay love story and so on. They need to tell stories for all generations, etc.

Most of all they need to just get a plan and stick with it.
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