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Steve Frame
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Jun 27 2008, 04:07 PM
I just think it's clear that DAYS has had a severe decline in quality and in ratings in the past 8 years, no matter who the writer is. I think this is due to Corday gaining more and more creative control, but I guess we will never know. And basically, I think we are all tired of caring/trying to figure it out. :laugh:

I don't really know why OLTL is dropping. I mean I don't think it's unbelievable right now, but everyone else is obsessed with it.
Honestly I think OLTL is just suffering from apathy for all soaps in general. They are sandwiched between 2 soaps that are not that great right now. And sandwiched in a genre that is just losing respect.

I admit that I love OLTL but often I find myself watching something else in the mornings and I end up leaving it on that channel and forgetting to change when OLTL comes on. So I will either try to catch it that night or SoapNet or just say hell with it and read the recap the next day online.
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