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Friday's show was okay.

- Philip/Morgan were intriguing. He's such a man-whore when it comes to Morgan and Chloe.

- I loved the mansion scenes...especially when Marlena was there. I could kill Ava for even suggesting that John destroy the disc. She needs to find a man that isn't married! I can so see her going all psycho again if John gets his memory back.

- Victor trying to be there for Marlena was nice to see.

- I FFed through Lexie and Abe...it only confirmed my belief about myself. I don't want realistic, emotional stories. I know that's what everyone says that they want but when I sit down to watch a soap, I want to escape from things that I see in the world. I want to see things about brainwashing and love triangles. I don't want to see an autistic child. I am happy that Lexie and Abe are having a story, though and I'm even happy that Dena is telling this story. I'm just not one who will be watching it very much.
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