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Jun 27 2008, 08:39 PM
Jun 27 2008, 08:38 PM
Shocking to say, but SSM actually wrote Kate best.
Awe, I loved SSM, LoL. But yes, she wrote Kate excellently too.

She's the one who wrote "Sami The Saint" Round 1. Trying to pair Austin/Sami was a huge mistake.

The Killing Pool was a mess. I mean, I loved parts of it, but there were other parts I just hated. In the end, it all came down to Penelope and Edmund? C'mon now... stupid.

Her version of Nicole was dull as dishwater, and so was Taylor. Eric/Nicole were snoozeworthty.

Mike and Carrie.... ZZZZZZZ.

She backburnered John and Marlena, which was a huge mistake, considering that the show had been riding on a J&M high. The couple hasn't been the same ever since, either. She's also the one who wrote that ridiculous tooth chip storyline and turned Vivian into a complete comic caricature. She never recovered and as a result was written out by Langan.

She wrote SUB-SEX, which was essentially the rape of both John and Hope. This resulted in yet another "Who's The Daddy?" clunker.

She's also the one who SORAS-ed Belle, Phillip, etc. and introduced the Salem High gang (Jan, Jason, Mimi, etc.)

Really, she did alot of horrible, shitty stories, LoL.

The only things I loved from her were psycho Ali, the introduction of Craig/Nancy and the "Franco's Murder" storyline (although that dragged on F-O-R-E-V-E-R!) I loved how she wrote Kate, but I hated how she turned Sami into some sort of saint in Austin's eyes. Gag me! Princess Gina was alright, but that dragged on forever, as well. I also couldn't stand the "satellite in space must be perfectly aligned, blah blah..." bullshit that resulted in the Hope/Gina change, although I must admit that the editing of that sequence was SUPERB.
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