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Jun 27 2008, 08:56 PM
From SSM's tenure

What I liked:

- The Killing Pool
- Franco's Murder/Sami's Execution
- Princess Gina (I didn't even mind the subsex)
- Billie's pregnancy lies exposed (the graveyard confrontation rocked)
- Psycho Ali
- J&M's wedding

What I didn't like:

- Carrie/Mike (awful, awful idea, although JER started it technically)
- Vivian's tooth chip (it made both Stefano and Vivian look absurd and was a waste of JM and LS's talent)
- The neutering of Sami
- Eric/Nicole/Taylor/Jay

SSM did write some clunkers, but she gave me three of some of my favorite DAYS stories (Killing Pool, PG, Franco's Murder), so I can't be too hard on her, LoL.
Well don't get me wrong... I'd take any of that shit over Dena's non-stories anyday. I just recall hating SSM with a fiery passion at the time, LoL. For me, JER was just amazing in the 90's, and his version of Days was all I knew. Then he left and along came SSM, and her writing was just such a sharp contrast to JER's writing, and not in a good way. It was such a quick downgrade. It was like going from Shakespeare to Dr. Seuss.

I don't think I would've hated her as much if she wasn't coming fresh off of JER's amazing first run.
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