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After all... tomorrow is another day!

OK I think I liked SSM, reading up on what stories she was responsible for. (Back then I didn't pay attention to soap writers or any of the behind the scenes stuff AT ALL)

I have no recollection whatsoever (good or bad) about the Killing Pool as I think I was still on a DAYS hiatus at that time for the most part or that must have taken place during a school year where I wasn't watching the show but reading the recaps I think had I seen it I wouldn't have liked it as I just HATED Susan Banks and Kristen got too cartoonish for me during JER's last year (Don't shoot me, Kenny!).

Loved the Billie-Bo-Hope drama at the time, I liked John and Marlena finally getting married even if it led to Sub Sex, I liked the initial Salem teen scene being introduced as I finally had characters my age on the show, loved the Franco murder storyline, I liked Eric and Nicole, and as for Saint Sami... well that was the first time I liked Sami at all was during that whole storyline. Prior to that I hated Sami and loved Carrie. Of course when Carrie left Austin for Mike I hated her, so I guess it was kind of a trade off.

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