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Jun 27 2008, 08:50 PM
She backburnered John and Marlena, which was a huge mistake, considering that the show had been riding on a J&M high. The couple hasn't been the same ever since, either. She's also the one who wrote that ridiculous tooth chip storyline and turned Vivian into a complete comic caricature. She never recovered and as a result was written out by Langan.

She's also the one who SORAS-ed Belle, Phillip, etc. and introduced the Salem High gang (Jan, Jason, Mimi, etc.)

The only things I loved from her were psycho Ali, the introduction of Craig/Nancy and the "Franco's Murder" storyline (although that dragged on F-O-R-E-V-E-R!) I loved how she wrote Kate, but I hated how she turned Sami into some sort of saint in Austin's eyes. Gag me! Princess Gina was alright, but that dragged on forever, as well. I also couldn't stand the "satellite in space must be perfectly aligned, blah blah..." bullshit that resulted in the Hope/Gina change, although I must admit that the editing of that sequence was SUPERB.
I have heard alot of J&M fans saying they liked the way SSM wrote them even thought they didn't have their own story.

She only SORASed Belle, I dont know if it was LB or Langan that SORASed the rest and had them in high school so fast but she didn't want that and she left before. She wanted to first show them in their parents storyline and not just start their own stories in high school right away.

With Franco's Murder she proved that it's possible to write a good murder storyline without making half the town suspects and then have all of them getting a gun at the same time and disappearing during the time the victim was shot.

And I love the way she wrote Billie.
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