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Jun 27 2008, 09:26 PM
OK I think I liked SSM, reading up on what stories she was responsible for. (Back then I didn't pay attention to soap writers or any of the behind the scenes stuff AT ALL)

I have no recollection whatsoever (good or bad) about the Killing Pool as I think I was still on a DAYS hiatus at that time for the most part or that must have taken place during a school year where I wasn't watching the show but reading the recaps I think had I seen it I wouldn't have liked it as I just HATED Susan Banks and Kristen got too cartoonish for me during JER's last year (Don't shoot me, Kenny!).

Loved the Billie-Bo-Hope drama at the time, I liked John and Marlena finally getting married even if it led to Sub Sex, I liked the initial Salem teen scene being introduced as I finally had characters my age on the show, loved the Franco murder storyline, I liked Eric and Nicole, and as for Saint Sami... well that was the first time I liked Sami at all was during that whole storyline. Prior to that I hated Sami and loved Carrie. Of course when Carrie left Austin for Mike I hated her, so I guess it was kind of a trade off.

Hey, I'm not going to pretend as if Kristen is the most complex writer's dream character ever. All credit for me loving that character goes to the fabulous Eileen Davidson, who managed to take what could've been a very campy, extreme character and turned her into something incredibly enjoyable, IMO. Alot of it had to do with what Eileen brought out in Deidre and what Deidre brought out in Eileen. They were dynamic on-screen. Kristen would've been nothing without Marlena, and Marlena would've been nothing without Kristen... that's in my opinion, of course. The moment Kristen left, my enjoyment of Marlena tanked, and it's remained tanked ever since. But I digress, LoL.

As for Susan Banks, she was fun at first, but over time the constant multiplying of the Banks siblings just got old. That's the biggest issue I had with The Killing Pool. When it was all said and done, the person who died was Twin #837 and the killer was a newbie nerd? Pssh. Stupid, LoL. There were aspects of it that I loved though... such as the way it featured Jamie Lyn Bauer as Laura Horton. LOVED her!

As for the Bo/Hope/Billie thing, I just didn't understand it. Billie believed that the "guilt" Hope felt over "killing" her baby would keep Bo and Hope apart forever? That's kind of a weak scheme, isn't it? LoL I kept wanting Billie to do something else to keep them apart... something bigger... but she never did. In the end, I was disappointed. It was treated as a filler story the whole time, IMO.

Mike/Carrie/Sami/Austin was just a clusterfucked mess. Austin goes on the run with Sami, Carrie runs off with Mike. Talk about mismatched bullshit, LoL.
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