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Jun 27 2008, 09:58 PM
Jun 27 2008, 09:53 PM
I'm not sure I read on Jason's site, he's usually not wrong about these thing.

I am sure the story were pressured by Corday/Langan and that's why Langan remaind headwriter when he was just supposed to be temporary.

Writer(s)...........................................Start Date-End Date.........Episodes (Total)
Sally Sussman Morina...........................1/6/98-10/14/99...........8202-8651 (450)
Lorraine Broderick..................................10/15/99-11/10/99.......8652-8670 (19)


Shawns first airdate was October 19
Philips was October 21
Wow, so Kirsten Storms first came on in the summer of '99. It was July or August, right? She came on the moment J&M came home from their Hawaiian honeymoon, whenever the hell that was.

Then they waited all those weeks to bring on Jason Cook, Brandon Tyler, the original Mimi, etc.? What did Belle do, just sit around the penthouse all summer 'til school started? LoL I really don't recall, because I was bored to tears with the show at the time and wasn't paying much attention, so you could be right. I just could've sworn that there wasn't such a gap between Kirsten's arrival and all the rest.
Belle actually had a crush on Brandon. I recall her at the Kiriakis mansion for a pool party, all fawning over Brandon.

SSM had nothing to do with the SORASing. It was all Corday and Langan agreed with it. SSM hated it and eventually quit over it because Corday wanted it to happen faster and SSM wanted it to happen at a slower pace. Corday felt they needed a strong teen scene fast with Passions on NBC and all the other soaps obsessed with the youth movement. Broderick ended up quitting over similar reasons so Langan was forced to step in and remained as HW because his vision agreed with Corday's. Once they had a falling out, Corday got rid of Langan to make himself look like a hero and to save face.

I am with Kenny in that I hated most of SSM's reign. Nicole was nothing under her until she married Lucas. She sucked with Eric. I hated the Gina story until the real Gina showed up. All the sci-fi shit was a bit much for me. Sub-sex was hot but I hated the whole brain chip premise. They could've just handled it differently. The tooth implant thing was an embarrassment, as was the J&J and Peter shit with the circus and all that BS that led to Jennifer faking her death.

I did like J&M's wedding and Franco's murder/Sami's execution, except i hated Sami/Austin. Carrie/Mike sucked though and I did like Eric/Greta as well. Not too big on the Bo/Hope/Billie stuff either. She did write Kate well but I do think Langan wrote her better. SSM was just a bit too much. JER's first run at least tried to ground things. She just started all this sci-fi shit and it was hard to deal with and her time was marked with great upheaval. Carrie and Mike both left. Billie left. Greta, Nicole, and Brandon were introduced and then teen invasion was set up. It just was a time of shakeups and that didn't help either. I didn't mind the Killing Pool story, though. I liked it but the Banks stuff did border on absurd after Sr. Mary Moira. I did get a kick out of Thomas Banks because of the rumors that ED was really a man LOL. I did like the use of Laura and Celeste in the Killing Pool and I thought Kristen got a nice sendoff. I also liked some of the New Orleans stuff in 1998.

Back to the Kate topic, I still think they had an affair. Kate encouraged Chelsea to pursue Daniel early on and she didn't so Kate got with him. He ended up dumping her because he goes from woman to woman and maybe even had a thing with Lexie. That will now play into Kate freaking out over them and it will cause a rift with Chelsea and Kate and Chelsea won't listen to Kate until it's too late and she gets hurt. I've had this feeling all along Chelsea will get hurt and this will end badly. It could also be that Kate knows a big secret about Daniel, like he's dangerous or something.
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