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Jun 27 2008, 07:57 PM
Okay I have to admit I really liked Monday's episode thanks to three actors. James Scott, Tamara Braun, and Roscoe Borne. I was actually really impressed with Drake as well in the scenes in the lab wear tears were just begining to grace his eyes.
It does seem like a pretty great episode. Look forward to it.

Today was ok. Glad The Lumberg advertising arc is over. Tony and Anna should've been together working all along. I did like Anna keeping it from him and Tony finding out and not saying anything. Classic stuff. Nice setup with the lights flickering too and it was nice seeing Tony and Anna out in an elegant environment. I hope they continue to show the more sophisticated and elegant side of Tony and Anna.

J&M and Ava was good. I agree with Kenny in that Ava/Marlena has a similar tension to Kristen/Marlena. Love it and John/Ava is such a breath of a fresh air. It really gave the J&M story more life. Enjoyed the Victor/Marlena interaction too. Good tension there and I missed these two sharing scenes. It's been awhile and they are great together.

Morgan/Philip was nice and liked their scenes with Victor too. Abe/Lexie was some pretty good scenes too. I'm liking their story so far and JR and RJ are giving it their all.

Worst part of today? Chan easily. I was ok with it in the beginning but now it's just awful. They are both acting like high schoolers and it's all wrong because he's just world renowned doctor and here he is coming in from saving a life and a minute later he is acting like a high school jock with his cheerleader girlfriend. Stupid. Daniel doesn't even seem like the same character he was a month ago. He seems way to open now and way to immature. His edge seems gone, as does the whole sophistication associated with him being a big traveler. I just hope they do something more with this. I think they will and that Chan is not a long-term thing but, if it is, I won't be happy.

Decent end to a decent week though. I really look forward to next week though.
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